André Wetzel was born on November 3, 1951 in Surabaya, Dutch East Indies. As a child he moved with his family to Holland, because of the independence struggle that was raging in Indonesia .

The football career of Andre Wetzel began in The Hague with the amateurs of VCS. At the age of 12 his talent was seen by ADO Den Haag, but because his father said the young man had to study, he remained until his nineteenth to the VCS amateur football club. During his study at the CIOS Wetzel got discovered by Haarlem FC. Once there, he played the first year as an amateur in the second team. Wetzel entered the first team and got a professional contract at Haarlem FC. 

In the '70s and '80s Wetzel played consecutively for Haarlem, Amsterdam and FC Den Haag. FC Amsterdam, where Wetzel played with legends like Heini Otto, Frits Flinkevleugel, Nico Jansen and Gerard van der Lem (former AJAX coach), the young adult became as a right winger top scorer with eighteen goals in the SPL. Due a conflict with the coach of FC Amsterdam, it was decided to rent him to FC Den Haag. At that time the club always finished in the top of the Dutch league and Wetzel played with legends like Aad Mansveld, Lex Schoenmaker, Dick Advocaat and Aad Kila. The excellent play of the quick right winger decided FC Den Haag to take him over from FC Amsterdam. After three seasons he went to Telstar.

In 216 matches Andre Wetzel scored 29 goals. Andre Wetzel was during his active career semi-pro player. Besides football, he never stopped learning and working. He was on a domestic school gymteacher in Velsen. He became at the age of 24 deputy director of the same school. 

After his active career as a player Wetzel had his his first experiences as a coach. In 1981 he was successively youth coach, technical director and head coach to work with the amateur club where it all began, VCS. In the 1984/85 season, the VCS trainer wins his first prize as a coach: the Cup Haagse Courant. In the 1986/87 season, the coach moves to the RVC Rijswijk. Wetzel wins the Cup two years in a row. The road follows with teams like Papendrecht, Wilhelmus, the youth of HVV Quick.

His first steps in professional football as a coach Andre Wetzel laid in the hands of Mark Wotte. An important man for the rest of his career. Wetzel became in the 1997 season assistant coach at ADO Den Haag. After three good years he moved with Mark Wotte into another Eerste Divisie club, FC Den Bosch. This adventure was of short duration.

Due to financial clubreasons, he finished the season with ASWH. Andre Wetzel pushes the club for the first time in club history to amateur champion. Due this succes the Royal Dutch Football Association offered him a dual function as coach of the Dutch national team under 19 years and assistant coach to the junior Dutch team, headed by Mark Wotte.

In 2002 Wetzel was pointed as an officially football coach and he decided to focus on football full time. In the 2002/03 season Andre Wetzel moves, again with Mark Wotte, to Eredivisie Willem II. When Wotte in the 2003/04 season stepped down at the club in Tilburg, André Wetzel gets his first chance as a head coach. Under his leadership the club finished in sixth place. After one season as head coach followed a foreign adventure. In the United Arab Emirates Andre Wetzel became (youth) coach, scout and head of the youth academy of Al Jazeera.

A year later, in 2005, Wetzel goes back to the Dutch courts, this time not as a trainer, but as a scout for Feyenoord. The club where Mark Wotte acts as Technical Director. They meet again. Soon he was head coach at Feyenoords satellite club KV Mechelen. 

Herbert Neumann was set on non-active duty at VVV-Venlo in 2006/07. Andre Wetzel took over the team. In his first season he finished with VVV-Venlo second in the First Division, which yielded a spot in the playoffs. Through game play-off matches the club promoted for the first time in thirteen years to the highest level.

Andre Wetzel always said that someday he will be working for ADO Den Haag. After Wiljan Vloet in 2007/08 indicated a desire to quit at this club, on May 29, 2008 Wetzel is therefore presented as the new coach of the club. He signed a contract for three years with an option for another two years.

Wetzel completed held both the position of coach and technical director. On April 17, 2009 André Wetzel gave coach Raymond Atteveld the opportunity to take over the team. By this decision Andre Wetzel became manager and could fully focus on the technical directorship. André Wetzel made huge steps withe the club. The new stadium, both the sporty ambitions and the club's image improved considerably. Unfortunately, the roads of ADO and Andre divorced. He didn't got the chanche to finish his work.